Peer-Reviewed Articles

Posch, Konrad and Matthew Stenberg. Forthcoming. “Play Your Role: A Policymaker Simulation to Ground East Asian International Relations.” Journal of Political Science Education • [Article Link] • [PDF]

Book Chapters

Newsome, Akasemi and Matthew Stenberg. Forthcoming. “The European Parliament” In Handbook on EU Crises, eds. Akasemi Newsome, Marianne Riddervold, and Jarle Trondal. (New York: Palgrave Macmillan). • [Abstract]

Working Papers

“Everyday Illiberalism: How Hungarian Subnational Politics Propel Single Party Dominance” – with Laura Jakli • [Abstract] • [Revise and Resubmit at Governance]

“Subnational Consolidation in Single-Party Dominant Regimes: Evidence from Hungarian Mayoral Elections” • [PDF] • [Abstract]

“Incremental Subnational Transformation and Democratic Backsliding in Eastern Europe” – with Laura Jakli • [Abstract]

Current Projects

“Regional Variation in the European Parliament: Differences in Parliamentary Questions between MEPs representing post-Socialist and Western Member States” • [Abstract]

“Local-Level Democratic Backsliding? Right-Wing Regime Consolidation in Hungary and Poland” – with Conor O’Dwyer

“Municipal Populism in Moscow: Local Challenges to Single-Party Dominant Regimes” – with Otto Kienitz

“Copy and Paste Illiberalism? Party Learning and Far Right Vote Cooptation in Poland and Hungary” – with Laura Jakli and Spencer McCall

“Within the System: Rising Powers and Infrastructure Diplomacy” – with Sasikumar S. Sundaram